The History

The company of SAB Miller is just one before but it has acquired other companies also involves in brewing beer. This company started in South Africa as to supply the demand of the miners and it started its operation in the year of 1985. It was then called as South African Breweries until it changed its name. This company has been producing beer and it becomes the second around the world as the largest in the beer industry when it is measured based on the revenue it has.

This company has its headquarters moved to Woking in England when it has established its international presence. It is listed on the stock exchange of Johannesburg after just some years of the start of the operation. When it moved to London, it then listed on the stock exchange of that country. It then moved to acquire another brewery named Miller Brewing so it changes its name to SABMiller plc. They already have their brands being consumed globally and it is becoming a strong company.

The company has not just limited its investment in the brewing industry but they also divested it and directed into others. Companies have their own ways to also acquire additional capital and to expand their operation. The company has acquired companies to be able to do it. In terms of its product, they also have one that is made up of cassava. This one is already being done by Africans in their homes and the company commercialized it.